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Should the Cowboys part ways with Dez Bryant this offseason?

Mosley: I don’t think that’s the best plan. I know he’s become the face of the Cowboys’ failure recently, but no one was making a huge deal of his lack of production when Zeke was putting up huge numbers in 2016. The Cowboys finally released Terrell Owens because they determined he was impeding the progress of young players such as Miles Austin. I don’t think the Cowboys wholesale jerseys authentic have any breakout starts on this roster that Bryant is impeding. Terrance Williams wouldn’t be poised to become a breakout player in Dez’s abscence. The same could be said about Cole Beasley and the others. I think Dez Bryant will be having another wonderful training camp… and we’ll be writing about how he’s bonded with Dak in the offseason.

Do you think Dak Prescott took steps forward or backwards this season?

Mosley: I think we’ll find out in 2018 which way he went this past season. Jerry Jones will make the argument that all the adversity that Dak Prescott endured will make him a better quarterback. That’s certainly the optimistic view. You could also say that he got exposed and the Cowboys provided teams with a blueprint for stopping him. He was far too inaccurate and careless with the ball this past season. But maybe he simply went through his “rookie” season in his second year. Maybe things were a bit too perfect for him in Year 1. He’s probably not as good as we thought he was. And he’s certainly not as bad as he looked at times this past season.authentic nike nfl jerseys wholesale

What’s the difference between a good route runner and an average route runner, because we’ve been debating whether Dez [Bryant] is a good route runner all year long?

Cortland Finnegan: He’s not a good route runner. I think when you can make every route look the same — and I think if you want to go back and study film, Reggie Wayne was probably the greatest route runner that I’ve seen. You can talk about Jerry Rice but at the height of what Reggie Wayne was doing, every route over 10 yards looked the exact same. There was no spin to it, there was no he was lining up at a different spot. The way he dropped his hips, I mean a lot of guys if they want to double move, they’ll keep patterning their hands and turn and go. I think he was one of the phenomenal ones of my era in my days that I really hold as one of the greatest route runners. Dez, what they do for him — the back shoulder and all of that kind of stuff — it’s similar to Jordy Nelson. Jordy Nelson doesn’t run great routes, he just has a quarterback that’ll put it on the money. Now he’s a really good receiver, just like Dez who is a really good receiver, but route running is not their forte. It doesn’t have to be. They’re still great receivers.

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Can you teach a guy to be a better route runner or is it an innate skill?

Cortland Finnegan: I think you can but at the same time, it’s what your offense dictates. A lot of these guys don’t have to run great routes. You go back to Andre Johnson, he never had to run great routes because they ran the ball so well with that zone scheme that he would just bat eyes from one or two guys and he was running running behind you. There was the double move he ran and he was just a bigger target. You’ve got to factor in all of these things that most people don’t want to look at but at the same time, it’s just part of the game. If you play the game, you just kind of know.

What are the problems Dez would present to you?

Cortland Finnegan: He’s a bigger target, he can go up and get it and he has great ball skills. One of the things is you’ve got to take what he does, I guess not as great as those things, like route running and play off and hope that the timing, the pass rush gets there, you’re able to break and kind of separate him from the football. But when you get in the red zone in that area, you’ve got to play really good football and you’ve got to get your hands on him early and then play for the back shoulder and I think that’s one of the things that Dez does so well. I would have him on my team. I would draft him first overall. He would be my receiver of choice because he’s got the dog in him. You want a guy with the dog in him.

You’d take him over Antonio Brown?

Cortland Finnegan: Oh yeah. It’s preference. [Dez is tough] and so is Antonio Brown, don’t get me wrong. he’s one of the better ones in the NFL. It’s just all about preference. It’s like 1A and 1B. It’s like you like driving a Mercedes or a BMW, it’s totally up to you.

Who was the better receiver between Hall of Fame finalists Terrell Owens and Randy Moss?

Cortland Finnegan: Oh man, if they coin a phrase after you — you got Moss’d — it’s hard to go against that but it’s like I said, it’s 1A/1B. Most people, 90 percent of the population would say Randy Moss but Terrell Owens, rightfully so, is very deserving. If they could put two in right now, those two right there should easily go in, no questions asked.